VoIP Software

VoIP SoftwareVoIP software is a set of application that are being backed by the services such as the Skype and the other applications that are being used in order to connect PC to PC. There are a number of VoIP tools and software that are available in the market, some of which are mentioned as follows.


Video Calls-Useful Tool In Business

Video Calls-Useful Tool In BusinessOver the past few years there has been a lot of development made in the world and the world today is totally filled with latest gadgets and technologies, the condition has reached at such an amazing state that one can not imagine their life with out these tools and technologies.


ICQ Instant Messaging Program

ICQ Instant Messaging ProgramICQ is one of the programs that provide messaging services in an instant over the computer system. The system was originally manufactured by Mirabilis which is an Israeli based company, the manufacturing and development of the product was from their but later on the program was taken over by the America Online and afterwards the messaging program is now being taken over by the Mail.ru Group, this event occurred on April 2010.