The DVD to hard drive ripper: Gain more knowledge

For one who intends to buy a DVD ripper it is vital for him or her to go through the reviews before making a decision on which ripper to purchase. The reviews will provide necessary information pertaining to the crucial elements that each program possesses. The reviews will also the necessary comparison of the different DVD rippers in the market. This information is vital as it will educate the would be buyer on the product as he makes preparations to purchase. It will only cost approximately fifty dollars to obtain this crucial information. 

The role of the DVD ripper is to enable the user to obtain a copy of the DVD on a hard disk or even on a blank DVD.  This copy will serve as back up and would be used to store important videos or favorite movies. This is a fall back position in case ones DVDs get scratched or damaged.

There are numerous DVD rippers software programs available and one would be confused when it comes to selecting the appropriate choice. On the bright side there are websites that have dedicated them selves to ranking the different DVD rippers. They use a standard criteria to rate the rippers based upon functionality and user friendliness.

Below is a list of some of the software programs;

The DVD copy supports a wide range of formats. It also has the ability to copy to and from the DVD and hard drive. It incorporates drop and drag options when one is utilizing the program which enables one to regulate the speed of burning.


This software program supports additional file formats than the preceding one. This is because it works well with Windows Vista, Windows 2000  Windows XP.

DVD Cloner:

It aids a wide range of file formats but it lacks in quality as compared to the other two programs mentioned above.