DVD ripping programs; Mac DVD ripper

The Mac DVD Ripper is a DVD extractor that is available for free and can be used to acquire commercial DVD movies to ones hard drive of the PC. This will enable the user to apply different tools to facilitate the burning of the movie to the DVD-R and thus make it useable in DVD players. The movie can be transformed in to varying formats and thus can be used with different and varying devices. It gives back up for the DVDs that are purchased for personal use legally.  

The  features

The Mac DVD Ripper contains DVD audio and also the video ripper that will make it possible to rip popular audio and video formats. The video formats are diverse and include; FLV, MPG, MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, 3GP whereas the audio formats include AC3, M4A, AAC and MP3.

The assistance of the wonderful Mac ripping software program has enabled user to play both audio as well as video files comfortably in their portable players that include creative Zen, Arches, Pocket PC, cell phone, Smart Phone, Xbox 360, Apple TV, MP3 player, Iriver, PSP and MP4 player among others. For the audio players the Mac OS X will achieve just that. It will enhance the editing of ID3v1 and also the ID3v2 labels.

The Functions

For those who choose an audio track or even a subtitle on the DVD this software will set a target, subtitle placement that is located in the output image. It is possible to convert them and trim them on the DVD in to favorite clips. It even merges the chosen content of the DVD in to a single file.

The Settings

It is possible for one to program advanced encoding settings like resolution, frame rate, encoder and bit rate for ones video. For audio one can program the output settings to include the encoder, bit rate, channel and sample rate. Its easy sub menu and interface make it easy and convenient to use.