Avi movie manager

An AVI movie manager is a program, especially designed to appropriately organize a person’s movies in the AVI format. This software makes a person possessing a huge collection of AVI movies maintain his entire collection in a systematic manner.

There are many movie organizing applications available online, but majority of them are for organizing DVDs, Bluray and VCDs. An AVI movie manager on the other hand is a program that will assist those users who have a collection of movies in AVI format. “Movie Organizer” version 1.00 is one such AVI movie manager. This is software is available for a free trial, but its extended full version can be purchased for $29.95. This movie organizer is connected with the Internet Movie Database (IMBD), and enables the user to manage all his/ her movies in the AVI format effectively. All the movie albums in this database are presented in an adaptable screen similar to an explorer. Users can easily group their movies, and sort them from different folders or categories. Users can also print the list of the movies in the form of Text file or HTML tables. Both these formats are user friendly and easy to understand.

MeD’s Movie Manager is a high quality program that efficiently manages a person’s entire encyclopedia of different movies. It allows the user to retrieve information from expert media files like AVI, OGM, MPEG and DVD etc. Its script is written in Java consequently users willing to download this AVI movie manager must have a system supporting Java. MeD’s Movie Manager makes it possible for the user to filter movies with superior search facility, and download movie information from Internet Movie Database (IMDb) with Proxy sustainability. The outlook of this movie manager can be altered by the user, and it is obtainable for free.

Besides these applications, “eXtreme Movie Manager” is an alternative movie organizer assisting in managing AVI movies is. This program works on a format corresponding to the ones named before, and should definitely be tried once.