Enjoy your dvds on your ipod

Most iPods run on MPEG-4 video format. if you are to view DVD file formats on your iPod, you will require to convert them to iTunes. Converting these files is quite easy and with just a few steps you will be there however you will need software to do this.

Traditional conversion softwares first convert DVD files into avi formats then convert these avi formats into mov files that are compatible with most iPods.

Modern conversion softwares such as Cucusoft and Avex conversion softwares are excellent as they convert these files directly to the required format and are quite simple to use and understand.

As you shop around for the best conversion kit, watch out for a few features such as ease to use and their conversion speed. It is also important to know the quality of their output in terms of videos and sound quality. Beginners will need some tutorials so that they can understand some of the jargon used in these converters because most formats are written in their short form.

If you want a specific converter to convert only DVD files, make sure that it converts to all DVD files formats and not only one format. You can get reviews from the net to identify a trustworthy converter.

Finally, after converting your files, upload them into your iPod via iTunes. This is quite easy. Simply connect your iPod to your computer, drag the converted files into the library and add them to your play list. Open them as you would any other files.

DVD files are relatively easy to convert and so you need not feel let down that you can not enjoy your favorite DVD on your iPod while you can easily convert it and have it anywhere with you.