How to rip a DVD

For those who have an Apple iPod and would fancy enjoying a movie at home using the DVDs it is vital for one to establish the formula of converting ones files in to a compatible format for iPod. The video converter is a software program that will enable the user to achieve just that. It utilizes very strong video converter utilities and enables one to translate his or her home video library to iPod format with the use of a few clicks on the mouse. What one requires is the acquisition of a video converter, an iPod cable and a computer compatible cable.

The video converter will work with the mobile uploader  that is included in the installation package of the converter. This will make it possible to upload the files to ones iPod.

The steps can be described as follows;

Step one: Downloading and installing the video converter
Step two: Running the video converter and choosing the input video file.
Step three: Setting up the conversion yardsticks
Step four: Setting up a good file path for the video output
Step Five: Converting the DVD files
Step six: Transferring the converted video file in to the Apple iPod

It is recommended for safety purposes that one should choose an IFO file to a VOB file. This is due to the fact that the IFO file is packed with enough data appertaining to the complete DVD structure and thus it will enable on to avoid the converting problems related to audio and video de-synch. A huge number of DVDs contain several VOB files and thus converting VOBs would require one to merge them afterwards. This is contrary to the IFO files.  It is important to click the advanced button and let the program choose the longest DVD title that will be in line with the prime movie on the disc.